Andrea Vötter

Andrea Vötter, born on April 3, 1995, in Brixen, Italy, is a top Italian luger living in Völs/Fié allo Sciliar. She started natural track luge at 10 and switched to artificial track at 14. Competing as a singles athlete for 13 years, Andrea recently took on the women’s doubles with Marion Oberhofer in the 2022/2023 season, achieving two-time overall World Cup wins, World Championship titles, and multiple European honours.

Passionate about the speed and precision of luge, Andrea’s motto is “Teamwork makes the dream work.” She enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, former luger Kevin Fischnaller, her family, godchildren, and friends. Andrea loves good food and life’s simple pleasures.

“I’m inspired by meeting Sara, sharing a contagious enthusiasm for her products and I feel a deep connection to the openness and familiar atmosphere of this brand,  fueling further my  passion and drive.”



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