Sarah Bernardi

Through her work as a radio presenter, Sarah is driven by a constant curiosity: about exciting people, their world and what they are passionate about.
In winter, she likes to draw her energy from ski touring.
From the age of 6 to 16, Sarah dedicated herself to artistic gymnastics, then to a rather solitary sport. Nowadays, there is a belief that team sports shape character in a special way, which is why she loves the all-women sailing team of which she is a member. The Women Sailing Team, founded in 2017 to compete in South Tyrol’s biggest ocean race, the BSW, is adventurous and colourful, which is perhaps why the women on this team understand each other so well. Sailing clears the mind. Her second home is a Dehler 28, a clunky sailboat in Riva on Lake Garda. When not on the boat, in the mountains or on skis, her road bike takes her over the passes and along the lakes.

Sarah inspires us with her enterprising character, the enthusiasm with which she follows the sports she loves – cycling, sailing, skiing, mountains – and the positive energy she transmits every time you meet her.

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