SHER | Ambassador Sophie Rabanser

Sophie Rabanser

Sophie Rabanser, born in 2005, is a very young promise of international snowboarding: she is currently a member of the Ski College ITE Raetia team in Ortisei/Val Gardena. Tenacious, she started snowboarding at the age of 4, and took part in her first competitions at the age of 7. Sophie is the perfect inspiration for all of us, especially the younger ones, and tells us how the ambition and passion that drive women from their earliest years are capable of making us overcome even the seemingly insurmountable goals. Thanks to this stubbornness combined with consistent training, Sophie manages to achieve incredible results in many competitions. So young, she is already an aggregate athlete of the C.S. Carabinieri, which she proudly represents, and is also a member of the regional committee team and the Italian national ‘Observed’ team.

“My absolute passion is snowboarding. It doesn’t set any limits for me. I have also rediscovered this passion for SHER, with whose clothing I feel really good and can express my personality at its best: free, determined and full of energy. ”


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