The winter sleep is over

Days are slowly getting longer and in many places temperatures are quite pleasant for some nice cycling adventures. Our body is starting to adapt to the warmer season and it’s a great moment to get back on the pedals if you have been little lazy during winter.

We are happy to get you dressed with the most versatile and flexible cycling clothing for women to adapt to the different temperatures you might encounter during the day and between warm-up and high intensity training sessions.


Find your outfit for early spring


Is your body ready?

The shorter days and less sunlight during winter have increased the level of melatonin in our body.

It all just is a little bit slower and we feel more sleepy.  At the same time the body needs more energy to warm up the muscles and joints properly, so you might have little less energy available for your exercise.

If you haven’t been cycling outdoors yet, your body needs again some time to bring the muscles up to speed, to adapt to the position on the bike and the movement.

Roads might still be dirty, eventually icy and covered with gravel so make sure your concentration is high and you stay safe.


Tips to get ready

When the sun is out the enthusiasm is high – yet getting back on track requires some planning in order to stay injury free. Here 5 suggestions of what to care about:

  1. Bike fitting: if you haven’t done any so far, this is the time to get your bike set-up in the right way. It will increase your comfort and as such riding will be so much more fun
  2. Take it easy: your joints, especially knees need to get used again to the continuous movement. Increasing training volume or intensity too quickly can result in injury – and that injury can set you back much longer than just being a little bit behind on the schedule. So take it easy!
  3. Focus on a schedule: try to have a plan already from now onwards. Obviously the more often you ride the better, but it is more important to be consistent and have a fix schedule, even if it might be only a few days per week.
  4. Get a riding companion: Find somebody to ride with! This helps motivation and helps to improve together.
  5. Layer up in the right way: during this time of the year it can still get very cold on the bike. Your muscles need to stay warm to work well and to not use too much of the energy you need for your workout. Look out for a flexible layering system that allows you rather to adjust during your training in an efficient and easy way.


Bottoms: How to dress

Depending on the temperatures your facing in your region, we recommend to work with layering also for the bottom part of your body. WE love to layer our preferred bib short with different types of tights that cover the various warmth levels. In that way you can adjust easily to the outside temperature and you have a tight that can do any other sport activity too! Check out our tight ZERO as a lighter layer in spring or NUVOLA as a more compact overtight.

A ¾ tight with a padding can be an ideal piece for regions where temperatures are already around or above 10°Celsius. Our FRECCIA can be shortened easily with a fast cut, so it adapts to all different body lengths and wearing preferences.


Tops: what’s best to wear?

This time of the year wind protection is essential. Even if the sun might be warming your body, the wind can make you feel cold quite quickly.
Windproof PLUTONE short sleeve jacket is the perfect piece for high sweat activities: it has no membrane and is therefore very breathable, yet windproof thanks to its tight structure. And when it gets warmer or your body is up to speed you can easily pack it away in a hip belt bag.

A long sleeve jersey is essential now to give you the right protection on your arms, yet don’t make you feel overheated. PIANETA is a great mid season piece with a certain lightness, yet compact to make you feel protected.

We wish you a powerful and beautiful awakening this Spring.

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