Casa SHER | Cycling clothing for women Bolzano Italy

Casa SHER – A new sport retail experience for females in Bolzano, Italy

Shopping, events and meet-ups for the female sports community

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29th June 2023 was an important date for SHER. The dream of a space dedicated to women cyclists and sportswomen has turned into reality in Bolzano, Italy.

We rejoiced with you, customers, friends, suppliers, on a beautiful June evening to inaugurate our and your new home together.

We are proud to have reached this important milestone: we are the first women’s cycling apparel shop in Europe, a unique space that profoundly innovates the shopping experience for sportswomen. At last, a space just for women cyclists and sportswomen.

CASA SHER is the name we wanted to give to this place, which goes beyond the traditional concept of a shop, uniting in the same environment a sportswear shop, our workplace and a place where sports enthusiasts and women cyclists can come together, share their passions and participate in a unique shopping experience.

An inclusive space for all women: whether you are an experienced cyclist, a first-time runner or simply a sports lover, here you will find personalised advice to meet your needs. We will help you find the combinations and women’s sportswear solutions that suit you best, so that you can use each garment with great versatility.

This will also be the space where our new products will be created, here we will follow the creation of SHER premium sportswear, taking care as always of every detail to ensure the best fit and highest functionality. When the shop is closed to the public you can see us busy creating new garments, we’re here working with passion to bring you the sportswear and cycling clothing you want.

Casa SHER will also be a meeting point for women who want to share their experiences and challenges about the world of cycling and sport in general. Here we will organise workshops, laboratories designed for the woman who loves an active, healthy lifestyle and always wants to improve herself. Every project in this CASA will be designed for women.

We have dreamt of a space where we can build a special relationship with women to listen to your needs and respond to them.

This dream has become reality thanks to you, thanks to all the SHER sportswomen who have trusted us and shared their problems, their needs, their challenges with us.

Now we are ready to offer you new experiences, always with an eye on innovation, quality and sustainability.

Casa SHER will be your second home, we will take care of you when you come in, by women for women.

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