Casa SHER INCONTRI #3: “IO POSSO VOLARE” with Donatella Ricci

Program Manager in Leonardo Helicopters, Astrophysics, World Record for Altitude in Autogyro

A special talk to meet the tenacious woman who has realized her dream of flying higher and higher, achieving the world altitude record in autogyro.


With the participation of

Johanna Ramoser – Assessor for School, Economic Activities of the Municipality of Bozen – Bolzano


Thursday, FEBRUARY 1, 2024 at 5 pm


BOZEN – BOLZANO – via Weggenstein 1A

Admission by online registration: Incontri #3 registration eventbrite

*event in Italian


“Io posso volare” (“I can fly”) is the title of our third event of INCONTRI and we want to dedicate it to all women especially to girls and teenagers who are visualizing their future now, but also to their parents, to learn together to have self-confidence and not to be afraid to “fly higher and higher.”

We are proud to be able to welcome to Casa SHER an extraordinary woman who has inspired us and, we are sure, will influence you as well: Donatella Ricci, Program Manager in Leonardo Helicopters, Astrophysicist and World Altitude Record in Autogyro. A tenacious woman who set a world record by pursuing her greatest passion: flying.

An extraordinary example of strength and an inspiration especially for the women of tomorrow. Always, starting with the meticulous study of our products, and now through the moments of gathering at Casa SHER, we want to provide support to girls on their path to empowerment, encouraging them to demand the achievement of their full potential, to follow their dreams and to have high ambitions in achieving their personal and professional goals.

The participation of Johanna Ramoser, Assessor for Schools, Economic Activities of the Municipality of Bozen-Bolzano, confirms the educational value of our commitment with the INCONTRI format, which becomes extra-curricular learning opportunities to favor the development of their skills, promoting education as a tool for empowerment, thus increasing autonomy and self-esteem.

The event will be hosted by Sara Canali, CEO and founder of SHER.

This date of INCONTRI is a very special opportunity to learn about Donatella Ricci’s life, professional achievements, great passion for flying and unpublished stories, in a talk that we will make engaging and informal, enriched by the projection of footage of her adventures with her original aircraft and readings of significant excerpts from her book “The record of autogyro flight: 8,399 meters above the sky”, which boasts a preface by Samantha Cristoforetti, and which we will entrust precisely to the voices of the very young participants. We want to provide positive female role models. Show girls examples of successful women in different spheres of life to make them understand that they can achieve their goals. I would like for ‘Io posso volare’ to become their mantra.Sara Canali

Subject to the capacity of the space, participation is allowed after free online registration.

To reserve your spot: Incontri #3 registration eventbrite

The event will be broadcast live on IG SHER channel.

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