SHER incontri con Wentiquattro in Casa SHER Kathrin Pichler

Casa SHER Incontri #2: Success through better time management

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Grow personally, achieve your goals, overcome challenges, realise your dreams, be happy: what if it all depended on the right planning of your time? Kathrin Pichler, a friend, creative with a volcanic mind and great networker, offers us a new way of looking at our life path and developing our potential.

How? With a simple but innovative tool: an agenda! It is called Wentiquattro and she has developed it after years of study in the field of female empowerment, time management and a very personal intuition.
We at SHER have always been intrigued by those projects that can improve women’s everyday life in carrying out their usual activities, and to go further and revolutionise – even just a little – this world.
We want to convince women that every challenge is surmountable, there are no limits: there are only tools, just like our clothes or an innovative notebook, that can help and facilitate a path to success.
If even the possibility of doing sport or dedicating oneself to one’s personal well-being is put aside because ‘you lack the time’, perhaps there is something wrong.

We meet Kathrin Pichler in person on Wednesday 13 December, for our series of appointments at Casa SHER, INCONTRI: an informal chat to find out more about this model of ‘good timing’ and get useful tips on how to plan our activities well.
We are all different, but this agenda will adapt to each of us, as we wish, to make us happy and satisfied with our new life path, without limits or fears.

Wednesday 13 December – 6 p.m.
Via Weggenstein 1A, 39100 Bolzano
To book your place: [email protected]

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