How to reduce the risk of saddle sore and infections

We know that approximately 50% of women suffer from different problems in their intimate area when cycling regularly. This can be just pain, numbness, irritation, frequent cystitis, different kind of infections and more.
We have talked to many women and found out also that those facts are often a real limit for them to practice their favourite sport regularly. There are different things you can do to reduce or totally avoid those issues:

1 – Make sure you do a professional bike fitting. An unbalanced position on your bike causes pressure points in the wrong areas and this leads quickly to pain

2 – Make sure you buy a bib or short that fits you very well and that keeps the pad always in the right place. Bibs are often the better choice as the suspenders keep the pant up and avoid that the chamois glides too far to the front over time.

Cycling women often prefer normal shorts for easy bio breaks. – at Sher we have developed a comfortable solution that allows you to go to the toilet without the need to remove you shirt. Have a look at Frizzante and Frizzante Core.

For more insights read also our blog post “Why it can be good to wear bib shorts”.

3 – Change your short or bib at least once a year. The cushioning of every chamois loses support over time. Contact us at [email protected] to substitute your used cycling pad

4 – Wash and dry your bib/short properly after every ride; ideally use wash powders that are proven to be natural based.

5 – When you buy a new bib/short ask specifications about the chamois. There are many different chamois out there, designed for different kind of cycling activities . Find out also if it has antibacterial properties – this is an important feature that reduces partially the risk of infections.

At Sher we have invested a lot of time to create a women cycling pad  that reduces the risk of infections thanks to the permanent antibacterial and anti fungal effect of our pad. We care about the most intimate part of the body and therefor we strived for a long-lasting and natural solution that doesn’t harm your skin at any time.

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