It all started like this… Introducing Sara, designer.

Sara, designer – When details make a difference.

Drawing, but above all designing, has been a big part of my life, drawing has always been a refuge, a comfort zone for a somewhat introverted person like me… Little by little, more than a ‘hiding place’, it has become my form of communication.

The decision to attend the Academy of Fine Arts, Fashion and Costume in particular, gave me the opportunity to learn how to convey emotions through drawing, in a constant search for a balance between the fascination of beauty and respect for the human body. My training started from this union, and I believe I can now say with certainty, that in my 20 years of work experience, this is what has always accompanied me (with greater or lesser awareness), trying to draw inspiration from anything that could materialise in a dress, designed not only to be worn, but to become, at the same time, an expression of emotions, personality, character.

By nature I am not a curious person, and this might seem a contradiction in an environment that requires constant stimulation, where the creation of new collections follows the changing seasons at a great pace. However, I am a person who is very attentive to details, who is able to emphasise a few elements, a few concepts, enclosing the creative field, which by its very nature is infinite, in delimited boundaries. This is the only way I can move without getting lost.

Everything is part of a generic archive, made up of often random elements, of objects, shapes, colours which, however, accustom you to beauty, proportions, the right balance of full and empty, and which feed a personal cultural heritage. Once I have enclosed my details, the image takes shape on the white sheet: if it is clear in my mind then I follow it effortlessly with the pencil. And it really is like that… I only look up from the paper when I have finished… If, on the other hand, the image partly fades and I need to recover it, sometimes I just strain my memory, sometimes there is the real search for that detail that the mind no longer remembers…

Whatever the product, fashion, sport or lifestyle, my aim is always to create something new, something proportionate, therefore something BEAUTIFUL. Because beauty is the ultimate goal of everything. Nature teaches us this, with its proportions, balance and colours. Beyond personal taste, in every art form we recognise beauty and even more so for clothing we aspire to something that is not only beautiful but that makes us feel so therefore, happy.

Knowing that what I have designed over the years has been appreciated and produced is what excited me and stimulated me for the next job. For many years it was my form of beauty. Then it happens that life brings you surprises and a few disappointments, thus the decision to change course.

Until recently, when fate presented me with what could have been an ideal situation, a new small business made up of determined and stubborn people with a big project.

The initial proposal was enticing and creative… to contribute to the creation of a line of sportswear, specifically for women, that would break the mould, respecting and favouring the female body, and that would not just be a gentle copy of sportswear designed for men.

Clothing that could meet the functional and performance requirements of the category, but without crystallising in a single sector, quite the opposite! Cross-cutting garments that improve sports performance, and at the same time can multiply their use by embracing several categories.

A line of garments that finally takes beauty into account, an important element for every woman who wants to feel comfortable at all times. A project very much in keeping with my personality and experience, which gave me the possibility of designing clothing very close to my personal taste and ideal as a woman. Designing without having to adapt me to the brand but in full sharing with those who really conceived this idea and helping to make it concrete…. what more could you ask for?

This is how it all started for me.

Sara and Francesca, the creators of SHER, constantly put me at ease, a sensation born from the day we met to evaluate a possible collaboration. The ideas are many and are soon channelled in one direction, there is harmony and so it all seems very natural. The ultimate goal is to make something that gives well-being to the wearer.

For Sara and Francesca it is also something more: it means working with the aim of creating a new philosophy of work and life that lasts over time, collaborating with people who share their ideal of an active and conscious lifestyle.

What more can be said! WISH. GO. SHER.

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