Product review from “Women Who Cycle” Australia For FRIZZANTE CORE bib and PURA jersey

“Sara from Sher in Italy contacted me a couple of months ago to ask if I’d be interested in testing her new women’s cycling kit. And of course, I said yes, not just because I got a freebie but because I like to help new women’s cycling kit brands promote their product.

The parcel from Sher Active arrived within a week all the way from Italy via courier. Before it arrived I received an email with shipping details and a few tips on washing and wearing them for the first time. The first thing I noticed when I opened the parcel was the lovely tissue paper and sticker used to ship the kit – it reminded me of a nice clothing boutique’s approach, a nice touch.

The two products I reviewed are the Frizzante bib shorts and the Pura red jersey. Both are size medium. To give you an idea I usually wear Women’s size 10 (Australian) clothing.

As was recommended I washed the shorts in the supplied laundry bag before I wore them. Before I even put them on I could tell they were nice quality. They are very lightweight and the fabric has a quality feel about it. It has a matt finish which I really like – very flattering.

I must admit that I struggled a little to put them on for the first time. I did follow the instructions I was given to turn the cuffs up so the gel grip didn’t stick to my legs. However, when I got them on they fit like a glove. The leg grip was a little tight but that could be accounted for by the four kilos I put on during COVID lockdown. I’m currently working on shedding those kilos so I look forward to wearing them again in more comfort.

I’m a huge fan of bib shorts so was happy to be wearing them once I had them on. The straps feel like a second skin and go up the sides rather than over my breasts which is comfortable and practical.

I found going to the toilet very easily by using the “the auto-lock zipper to facilitate easy bio-brakes without the removal of your upper layers”. I also headed the advice to make sure the zipper was locked before I headed out.

The final feature of the bib shorts that impressed me is the chamois. Sher Active developed the chamois to eliminate 99.9 per cent of harmful bacteria and candida fungus, permanently and with fully natural ingredients. I suffered from a really bad infection on a multi-day cycling tour a few years ago and these shorts would have saved me a lot of suffering and embarrassment.”

REVIEW by Nicola, Women Who Cycle

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