Sara Canali CEO SHER | 50 Most Powerful Women FORTUNE ITALIA 2023

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Published on October 12th 2023,  the prestigious list every year identifies 50 female professionals, managers, entrepreneurs, women of success that distinguished themselves for their commitment and innovative vision, achieving important goals and includes this year also Sara Canali, founder of SHER.

Sara Canali was freely selected by an authoritative and independent Advisory Board as a representative of one of the best females in Italy, whose work has inclusion, innovation and shared objectives as its cornerstones.

With the SHER project, Sara Canali fully embodies a new model of responsible female leadership, where the connection between human values and business project is fundamental: a model that starts from business and extends to a commitment to the rights.

“I am proud and grateful for this prestigious mention. To have been selected together with other 49 incredibly inspiring women in Italy without having proposed a nomination, charges me with responsibility and new stimuli. I have always aimed at creating a business that could not only be of help to women, with sport products made to respond to the resolution of needs never contemplated, but above all I wanted to create a new model that would be an incentive for all women.

In addition to the products, I have constantly associated projects to exchange, to discuss and to create connections between women. Being an example for women and helping to spread a process of growth in female awareness is what has always moved me, in my personal and professional life, with SHER.” Sara Canali

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