Unpublished conversation with Sara Canali, for Feuer & Flamme at Radio suedtirol1

There are interviews capable of being illuminating, touching on unexplored aspects and the most common moments. Childhood memories are often considered superfluous, insignificant to the life of those accustomed to presenting themselves through their professional successes, curriculum vitae, future goals, turnovers… 

But that is exactly the focus of the Feuer & Flamme broadcast, the Sunday breakfast show on Radio suedtirol1. The eagerly awaited format on Sunday mornings immerses the audience in a relaxed situation through a conversation with a distinguished guest.  It is just like a Sunday morning at a bar, for a leisurely breakfast, discussing current topics without a script, to discover personal life episodes.

We’re used to hearing Sara‘s words from international stages dedicated to empowerment and female leadership, case histories of innovative companies, models of new business and finance, with her SHER, an example of a successful and revolutionary project. But Sara is also found at the controls of an airplane, swiftly cycling, on ski slopes, explaining in her workshops how to manage one’s own body, as well as strolling with her son Leon, conspiratorial and ironic, at Casa SHER, her second home, or Sunday evening on the hockey field with the women’s team she’s part of.

She made an exception for the editorial team of Radio suedtirol1 because certain anecdotes from her life, and even her everyday life, must have intrigued them. Just as there must be something special about the teenage and youth years that deserve to be discovered. Yes, to realize that Sara’s greatest vision is still the one that as a child moved her to do incredible things, challenging customs and norms.

Improving the lives of women.

Today, just like then, but conscious. And again, she says, “in 10 years”.

Knowing Sara is fortunate. We’re publishing this post without her usual final reading before going online because we want to convey to you, without the limits of modesty and in all spontaneity, the enthusiasm and energy we experience ourselves while being beside her. While we look forward to you encountering her determined green eyes, joining her team, and embracing her vision, you can listen to her story over a long coffee or a glass of wine.

Listen to the interview here.

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