SHER – first year of life

The Launch.

Before launching the SHER brand, I often compared it to giving birth. There is the time of the pregnancy, everything is so exciting, so new, so motivating and you can’t wait for the baby to be born.

When I envisioned SHER that’s exactly how it was: having a vision, imagining a new brand that takes care of women and dreaming about how to shape it, design it over time.

Researching on “dos and don’ts”, networking with people that have gone through similar experiences and channeling all your energy towards the big day: the launch. It’s only but also already one year that SHER has launched its first cycling apparel products for women successfully. And it felt truly like a newborn baby: it can see, it can hear, it can feel.

During the first year in the life of SHER one of the most important missions has been to connect to you women out there. To understand your needs better, to listen to you and to experience what excites you and what your challenges are.

We also had our challenges, exactly as for the first year of life of a baby – just think about the fact that SHER hit the market during the first Covid pandemic. Though every day we discovered new information and learned so many things.

Innovative Women’s Cycling Pad

The highlight of 2020 was the launch of the very unique SHER cycling pad for women: the first pad in the market that prevents infections and inflammations in the intimate area through a surface fabric that eliminates 99.9% of the harmful bacteria.

It took a lot of time and research to test the best pad shape and density and to develop a surface fabric that can match our requirements. The result was worth it.

The Sustainable Approach.

The particular attention to how we use and re-use resources throughout all our processes has delivered creative solutions to the sustainability challenges with a measurable impact: only in the 7 months of 2020 since our launch we have saved 200kg of dead stock fabric from being burned or ending up in landfill. All high-quality Italian fabrics with the technical properties that our products require.

Furthermore from day one we have decided not to use any plastic bags in any of our shipments. With this decision we challenged ourselves on how to pack products safely. And we succeeded – for production shipments we use re-usable fabric bags (made of dead stock fabric) and we ship our products to customers in recycled avana boxes wrapped in silk paper.

During September, only 3 months after the launch of SHER cycling wear, we have introduced the first training products. This with the purpose to meet the demand of our cycling customers and allow them to dress elegantly and sophisticated across various indoor and outdoor activities.

And the sustainable journey continues: in Spring 2021 we brought to market the first women cycling bib made of biodegradable polyamide yarns (BIB SHORT FORZA).

Sher women cycling clothing sustainability


There are many more things that have been going on and the list would probably be endless. We would like to thank everybody who has supported SHER during the first year of life and given the most beautiful gift that a child can get in life: TRUST.

This thank you goes especially to ..

All the women that took the risk to buy SHER clothing and trusted our story

All the manufacturers of garments, pads and fabrics that took a big risk to make space for SHER and put a lot of their time (and money!) in the development of our beautiful products

All friends that have and continue to contribute with their time, their knowledge, their experience and their passion (you are the best and this will never be forgotten)

All the agencies and industry partners that are investing in our project supporting us with very special conditions

Particularly to my family that has shown so much patience

And like a baby we do not speak one language, but we understand all of them. So please keep sharing your ideas, dreams and stories so that we can grow this project to become an open-minded adult, approachable, full of self-confidence, integrity and creativity.

Sara Canali

Founder of SHER

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