SHER Meets the Talent of Andrea Vötter in the Name of Sports Innovation

A partnership has been established with the young and talented Andrea Vötter, one of the top lugers in the world. The Italian athlete is already gearing up to claim gold at the next Olympics. With two overall World Cup victories, several world titles, and numerous European accolades under her belt, Vötter’s achievements speak volumes.

The collaboration with SHER was a natural fit. Andrea lives in Bressanone, and the proximity to SHER only facilitated the connection. This partnership goes beyond the typical endorsement of high-quality apparel that ensures the performance and standards Andrea seeks. Despite being born in 1995, Andrea is a young woman with clear ideas, incredible determination, and an infectious energy that transcends her training. Her motto is “Teamwork makes dreams work.”

Unstoppable, like the women surrounding SHER and its founder Sara Canali, Andrea perfectly embodies the “ambassador” model. She authentically lives and represents the brand’s DNA. This partnership is symbolic of SHER’s commitment to supporting and encouraging young sports talents, accompanying them in their daily lives. “Entering Casa SHER, I immediately felt at home. It wasn’t just about clothing, but the possibility of imagining something to create. I was swept away by meeting Sara, her contagious enthusiasm for her products, and her intense curiosity about sports, looking for ways to understand its most technical but crucial aspects,” said Andrea Vötter.


This collaboration will continue to develop on various fronts, based on a dynamic exchange of mutual inputs and inspirations to further improve the conditions of women in sports—a mission SHER has embraced since its inception.

“When sports are seen as a lifestyle, narrated by those who practice it at the highest, professional levels, it can become a vital tool for dialogue to develop new standards. This is the path that SHER, together with Andrea Vötter, will walk. Special project ideas are already underway, aimed at the Olympics and beyond,” stated Sara Canali.

To kick things off, an irreverent photoshoot by photographer Anita Schwienbacher Augscheller took place at the highly productive Niederstätter location, featuring artistic incursions for an incredible clash effect. Andrea wore SHER outfits alongside her luge, flipping the classic race image on its head, even when donning her iconic competition suit.

This incredibly inclusive endorsement illustrates the desire to merge various sports experiences towards a single goal: innovation.

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