SHER’s sustainable journey continues

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SHER’s commitment to following an ethical and innovative path to reduce the waste of raw materials and environmental impact, does not stop.

The journey continues and starts from here.

Starting from the design of its products, for SHER collaborations with leading partners in the field of research and sustainable developments are crucial, to meet the demands of our planet as well as the expectations of our conscious and sensitive customers , who direct their purchasing decisions towards “clean” products in every aspect of their life cycle, made with intelligently developed materials that contribute to the progress of the future of textiles.


With the SS21 collection, SHER sanctions its partnership with Tessitura Taiana, historical Italian weaving company with a sustainable mindset at its core and Fulgar, an Italian textile company whose technology finds its highest expression in the production of nylon and covered yarns. Its supremacy is achieved by combining unique production systems and innovative materials, for a new way of making fibers.

The innovative biodegradable fabric FITTER, woven with Amni Soul Eco® yarns by SOLVAY and distributed by FULGAR fully respects the concept of the three R’s: Reduce – Reuse – Recycle.

In fact, while retaining the intrinsic properties of a durable product, like other textile items, Amni Soul Eco® does not lose the properties of polyamide as a recyclable product, unlike most complex synthetic fabrics.


The fabric made with Amni Soul Eco® yarn is polyamide based, light (160gr/sqm) but at the same time opaque, breathable, quick-drying, abrasion resistant, with a good amount of compression to give support to the legs during cycling, UPF 50+ protection factor (the highest degree of protection for a fabric). But the fundamental characteristic of this fabric is its eco-sustainability and, specifically, its biodegradability.

The fabric made with the biodegradable nylon yarn Amni Soul Eco® is in fact revolutionary for the very fast decomposition times: its “accelerated biodegradability” is about 5 years, significantly lower than traditional disposal times that usually take decades. Its special technology, however, maintains the durability and quality of garments: the decomposition process begins only when the garment is disposed of as a traditional waste and is in an oxygen-free environment (as happens with all waste when buried in landfills), thus drastically reducing the environmental impact. The spandex portion is also made from a special biodegradable yarn that can be disposed of the same way.


The Amni Soul Eco® yarn is the base of the sustainable fabric that makes the new SHER products innovative and “eco friendly”, as well as highly comfortable, thanks to the excellent performance of moisture management, a feature that keeps the skin cool and dry.

Here are the products made with AMNI SOUL ECO® yarn:


In a nutshell? With Amni Soul Eco® SHER contributes again to reduce the environmental impact of the textile products.

The journey continues… stay tuned.

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