We do a lot of research and development in the field of recovery and environmental sustainability. In fact we believe that performance doesn’t have to come at the cost of integrity.

At SHER we use fabrics, materials and processes that improve performance and reduce the impact on the environment, from materials’ selection, throughout the manufacturing stage up to packaging.

QUALITY  It’s a fact: the best way to act responsibly is to reduce the amount of products that flow to the market. The SHER collection is reduced to versatile essentials. We develop items that fulfill a purpose and solve a true problem for SHER women. Less is more! And we all can make a change by living a positive, active lifestyle with a small but selected wardrobe. SHER products are manufactured in high standard factories where workmanship is at its excellence. Out team thus ensures the prime quality and durability of every single SHER piece. Our minimalistic design and sophisticated style do not follow trends. SHER products are timeless. They are not made to be replaced after one season. They are here to stay.

RAW MATERIALS SHER’s sustainable approach starts with raw materials: We look for high quality, durable fabrics that are mainly made in Italy and produced with the most environmentally friendly process possible. SHER also uses fabrics made from biodegradable yarns and dead stock fabrics, which we reserach and select very carefully. Every year, tons of unused high-tech sports textiles are incinerated or sent to landfill. We strive to work with our Italian and Portuguese textile partners to track down suitable fabrics, carefully select them, execute quality tests and finally integrate them into our collection. In 2020, we purchased over 200 kg of dead stock fabrics and utlized them to design our garments. In 2021, we increased this amount to 640 kg. We are always looking for fabrics that come from recycling processes that require as little energy as possible or are made from biodegradable fibres. At SHER, we use the innovative biodegradable yarn Amni Soul Eco® from Fulgar and SOLVAY, which has an “accelerated biodegradability” of about 5 years. All the fabrics we use are Oeko-Tex 100 certified, free of harmful substances and comply with European directives.

PACKAGING At SHER we’re really trying hard to avoid one-way-use materials, especially plastics. AVOIDING IS BETTER THAN RECYCLING. Therefore, all our product shipments are packed and delivered in fabric bags sewn from stock fabrics. We return them afterwards for re-use. All our customers receive SHER products packed in recycled avana boxes and wrapped in silk paper that can easily be re-used or recycled. Avoiding polybags is certainly better than recycling them. It not only reduces our impact, but also makes online shopping nicer.

PRODUCTION We strongly care about where we produce our garments. Our partners’ factories are located in northern Italy and northern Portugal. We know them personally and have chosen them based on their production standards, work ethic and of course the quality. We are united by a common desire to make a positive contribution to the environment and fair working conditions for the (mostly female) employees of the companies. We like to reduce transport as much as possible, so we also select raw materials close to the place of production.

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