The late summer rains, the scent of ripe grapes and the magical light of September will provide the backdrop for your cycling. Don’t fear the changing weather, with SHER women’s cycling clothing you have no excuse to get get outside.

Discover the performance and comfort of SHER women’s cycling and sportswear, perfect to wear when the temperatures start to change.


Get inspired by the new sport looks


The women cycling bolero that will become your passepartout

VENTO is the new women’s cycling shroud that combines high technical performance with elegance and impeccable fit. The high quality Made in Italy jersey fabric is comfortable, compact and offers maximum protection against UV rays. Thanks to its lightness and versatility it is the perfect garment to carry with you at all times to protect your arms and shoulders from the wind. 

VENTO goes perfectly with cycling and training shirts and tops, enhancing every size and silhouette. 

You’ll never go out without it again!


Unforgettable performance and elegance

The perfect long-sleeved cycling jersey for every woman.

PIANETA is designed with the highest quality fabric and designed to enhance every woman’s silhuoette.

The close-knit fabric prevents transparency effects, has a warm hand, and offers UV protection, even when the jersey is worn alone on hot days, while the higher collar wraps gently and keeps you warm when temperatures drop.

The elegant details and bright colours allow you to have fun with colour combinations. PIANETA is also perfect to use in all your outdoor activities.

As soon as you put it on, you will immediately feel the soft and pleasant warmth and appreciate its high breathability during your workouts.

PIANETA stands for high performance and elegance for a sporty woman who cares about every detail.


Protection and performance so you never stop pedalling

FRECCIA is designed for women who seek performance and comfort on the saddle.

These women’s cycling trousers, adjustable in length with a simple cut, are designed to protect and solve the problems of the female cyclist.

We have specially created the first pad on the market that is able to prevent infection and inflammation in the intimate area, eliminating 99.9% of bacteria and fungi.The absence of seams or elastic makes you feel more comfortable on the bike and the great elasticity of the fabric will allow you to move with great freedom, without constraints.

With FRECCIA you will reach your goals more easily.Maximum comfort, high performance and perfect fit for pedalling further and further.


Wind I don't fear you

If you’re looking for a garment that makes you feel protected on the windiest of days, when the weather seems to be on your side, here’s the perfect garment for the cyclist woman who never gives up/holds back.

SUBLIME is a windproof softshell jacket, with high technical performance but at the same time elegant and versatile.
Designed for cooler days, designed for women’s cycling but perfect for all types of outdoor aerobic activities, this jacket is the ideal garment for a woman who wants to enhance her body even in the most unfavourable weather conditions.

The SUBLIME windproof jacket is designed to give you maximum comfort. While the front protects you from the air, the back lets you breathe and the bacterial treatment increases your protection. The back of the jacket is specially longer to protect your lower back from wind and cold, and reflective logos give you visibility when riding in the darkest hours.

Cold and wind will no longer be a limitation when you wear SUBLIME.

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