Discover SHER women’s sportswear in the summer version!

The warm summer wind brings new proposals for your outdoor training. Try our women’s sportswear during your training sessions and savour the scents of summer.
Discover the elegance, high performance and comfort of SHER women’s sportswear, designed to be worn now and never left.



FUTURO is the transformable women’s short, designed for women who want to maximise their favourite garments.
Thanks to the innovative system, which allows the pad to be removed, it is perfectly suited for cycling and at the same time for many other aerobic activities.
The medium-support pad was developed for triathlons. By removing the pad, the garment transforms into a training or fitness short, which is also nice to wear for a walk. The Italian fabric of the inner part of the shorts softly hugs the thighs without squeezing and without leaving marks, also thanks to the soft leg

The cut of the outer part underlines the style, highlighting femininity. It is designed to make all women feel comfortable, even in short shorts.
What sets it apart from other shuttle fabrics is the biodegradability of Fulgar’s Amni Soul® yarn: a high-tech fabric made from biodegradable polyamide yarns with strong abrasion resistance and long durability.
The zipped pocket on the back allows you to carry keys or credit cards.
All logos are reflective for increased visibility.

If you are a woman who has no limits and loves playing many sports, this is your FUTURE.
Versatility, innovation and femininity all in one.



ATLETICA is the must-have women’s tank top, perfect for all types of training.
It emphasises the female form without restricting movement. The Italian jersey fabric is light but not transparent and glides over your body, making you feel comfortable at all times.

The fabric allows optimal breathability, wicking sweat away from the skin and promoting rapid evaporation.
The ATLETICA women’s top is ideal for the sportswear of women who like to train in the gym, run in the open air or simply enjoy an active summer. The evergreen for all women.



VOLANTE is the timeless women’s cycling and training T- Shirt, ideal for all kinds of outdoor and indoor activities.
High technical performance is perfectly combined in a design that enhances femininity, never at the expense of performance.

If you want maximum comfort during your workouts, this is the right garment for you. The soft hand of the Jersey Made in Italy fabric and highly breathable technical yarns allow perfect thermoregulation.
You will be amazed by the perfect fit of VOLANTE, the slightly longer cut on the back and sleeves give a new and refined touch to make you feel comfortable in every situation.

Combine VOLANTE with the ZERO or NUVOLA tight to be always ready to train with the utmost elegance.



ZERO are lightweight and very comfortable women’s tight for running, training and cycling.
Designed to offer medium support and stretch comfort, these modern, high-waisted, ⅞-length tight-fits are made of a quick-drying fabric to offer all the pleasure of comfort.
ZERO is synonymous with lightness and freedom, allowing all women in SHER to feel comfortable wearing high-performance and elegant fabrics.
It is the ideal tight that can also be worn over cycling shorts or dungarees on cooler days or for urban cycling, thanks to the reflective logos that provide greater visibility on the road.

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