Innovative, functional, stylish – that’s SHER. The Italian sportswear brand for women, inspired by female cyclists.
Taking sports fashion for women to a new level was Sara Canali’s drive. As a pilot and sportswomen who has tried everything from soccer to ice hockey, she has always believed in making her own dreams come true. In 2019, the fashion and sports industry expert turned her vision into reality and founded a new label in the middle of the Dolomites.

Sara’s ambition is to make every sport accessible to women, starting with technical clothing designed and made for women.
Fixed roles, categories and constraints do not suit Sara Canali, who has made SHER a symbol of her “everything is possible”.

Her inspiration comes from a passion for an active lifestyle, her desire to challenge the status quo – with products created by women and for women.
In this way, she has created unprecedented technical garments for women, replacing traditional sports collections and creating a new market positioning.
SHER is the technical sportswear for women that combines style, elegance and functionality in a unique way.


SHER is more than just sportswear. SHER is an attitude to life. SHER is the fusion of the initial letter of Sport and Her, the English feminine pronoun: because we always pay attention to the passions and needs of women.

SHER also means sharing: we live the continuous exchange with our customers, and this has become the basis for our innovations.

Our clothing is produced with the best partners in the industry, located in Italy and Portugal and acting in an ethical, sustainable and transparent way.

We distribute SHER worldwide, to all places and to all women who love to live their passion for sport, for life, for activity.

SHER, the perfect combination of Women, Sports and Passion.

True success in life is to act in coherence with one’s own values: these are the values that accompany us in our professional and personal life.


Vision & Values

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COURAGE When all others are running out, we are rushing in.
EMPOWERMENT Everybody can move mountains with the feeling of trust and wide avenue to play on.
INTEGRITY If you are truly there is nothing to hide.
EXCELLENCE We always expect more from ourselves than our clients do.
INCLUSION Doing sports is not just for trained people.
SUSTAINABILITY People, love and a planet it’s all we have.
SPARKLING The spectacle of Champagne's bubbles rising is endlessly fascinating and refreshing. So are we.
EMBRACE DIVERSITY White just makes a line, colors make a rainbow.
CONSTANT LEARNING If we altogether know more, this becomes a better world.

It’s a fact: the best way to act responsibly is to reduce the amount of products that flow to the market. The SHER collection is reduced to versatile essentials. We develop items that fulfill a purpose and solve a true problem for SHER women. Less is more! And we all can make a change by living a positive, active lifestyle with a small but selected wardrobe. SHER products are manufactured in high standard factories where workmanship is at its excellence. Out team thus ensures the prime quality and durability of every single SHER piece. Our minimalistic design and sophisticated style do not follow trends. SHER products are timeless. They are not made to be replaced after one season. They are here to stay.


SHER's sustainable approach starts with raw materials: We look for high quality, durable fabrics that are mainly made in Italy and produced with the most environmentally friendly process possible. SHER also uses fabrics made from biodegradable yarns and dead stock fabrics, which we reserach and select very carefully. Every year, tons of unused high-tech sports textiles are incinerated or sent to landfill. We strive to work with our Italian and Portuguese textile partners to track down suitable fabrics, carefully select them, execute quality tests and finally integrate them into our collection. In 2020, we purchased over 200 kg of dead stock fabrics and utlized them to design our garments. In 2021, we increased this amount to 640 kg. We are always looking for fabrics that come from recycling processes that require as little energy as possible or are made from biodegradable fibres. At SHER, we use the innovative biodegradable yarn Amni Soul Eco® from Fulgar and SOLVAY, which has an "accelerated biodegradability" of about 5 years. All the fabrics we use are Oeko-Tex 100 certified, free of harmful substances and comply with European directives.


At SHER we're really trying hard to avoid one-way-use materials, especially plastics. AVOIDING IS BETTER THAN RECYCLING. Therefore, all our product shipments are packed and delivered in fabric bags sewn from stock fabrics. We return them afterwards for re-use. All our customers receive SHER products packed in recycled avana boxes and wrapped in silk paper that can easily be re-used or recycled. Avoiding polybags is certainly better than recycling them. It not only reduces our impact, but also makes online shopping nicer.


We strongly care about where we produce our garments. Our partners' factories are located in northern Italy and northern Portugal. We know them personally and have chosen them based on their production standards, work ethic and of course the quality. We are united by a common desire to make a positive contribution to the environment and fair working conditions for the (mostly female) employees of the companies. We like to reduce transport as much as possible, so we also select raw materials close to the place of production.



At SHER we use fabrics and materials, manufacturing processes and packaging that guarantee outstanding performance and at the same to reduce the impact on the environment. SHER collaborates with leading pioneers in the field of research and sustainable developments. These partnerships are crucial to meet the demands of our planet as well as the expectations of our conscious and sensitive customers, who direct their purchasing decisions towards "clean" products in every aspect of their life cycle. We do a lot of research and development in the field of environmental sustainability and promise you that performance doesn’t have to come at the cost of integrity – on the contrary.


Our Stories


Unpublished conversation with Sara Canali, for Feuer & Flamme at Radio suedtirol1

We're used to hearing Sara's words from international stages dedicated to empowerment and female leadership, but made an exception for the editorial team of Radio suedtirol1 because certain anecdotes from her life must have intrigued them. Read more

Casa SHER INCONTRI #3: “IO POSSO VOLARE” with Donatella Ricci

A special talk to meet the tenacious woman who realized her dream of flying higher and higher, reaching the world record for altitude in autogyro. "Io posso volare" is the title of our third event of INCONTRI and we want to dedicate it to all women especially the girls and teenagers who are visualizing their future now, but also to their parents, to learn together to have self-confidence and not to be afraid to "fly higher and higher." Read more

SHER: a commitment to sustainability, every year

We at SHER believe earnestly and from day one in seeking solutions in the name of sustainability at every stage of our production. Since 2023, this commitment has also been recognized by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's Community, the most authoritative and influential global body promoting the process of international companies in the transition to a circular and sustainable economy. Read more

SHER at the Women’s MyCyclingCamp: a cycling holiday for women

SHER is partnering with MyCyclingCamp in organizing a cycling vacation. An unforgettable experience together with many women of all ages and fitness levels, discovering magical Andalusia, for 7 days, April 13-20, 2024, in partnership with ROADBIKE & Women's Health. Read more

Casa SHER Incontri #2: Success through better time management

We meet Kathrin Pichler in person on Wednesday 13 December, for our series of appointments at Casa SHER, INCONTRI: an informal chat to find out more about this model of 'good timing' and get useful tips on how to plan our activities well. Read more

See you at the MONOCLE Christmas Market in Zurich?

SHER will be at the MONOCLE Christmas Market in Zurich on december 2nd and 3rd. Visit us and discover the latest iconic product releases and perhaps find the last unique gift you were looking for. Read more

Sara Canali CEO SHER | 50 Most Powerful Women FORTUNE ITALIA 2023

On October 12th 2023 Fortune Italia published the prestigious list that annually identifies 50 successful professionals, managers, entrepreneurs, women distinguished for their commitment and innovative vision, achieving important milestones, including this year also Sara Canali, founder of SHER. Read more

Women’s run Bressanone coloured in red by SHER

On September 1st the 11th edition of the women's run Brixen with 1000 women dressed in grenadine red running shirts from SHER has taken place and was a great success. Read more

Casa SHER – A new sport retail experience for females in Bolzano, Italy

On 29 June 2023, CASA SHER was born in Bolzano, a place that goes beyond the traditional shop concept, uniting a sportswear shop, a workplace and a meeting place in the same environment. Read more

Cycling in South Africa – Some Tips from Claudia

Early this year our ambassador Claudia Rier @Claudiafromthedolomites has been cycling in South Africa and competing on the world’s biggest road bike race “The Cape Town Cycle Tour”. Read more

Why can it be good to wear bib shorts?

Since there’s no waistband, there’s also no drawstring or itchy, uncomfortable elastic cutting into your abdomen. Read more

Cycling & SPA in Italy’s mountains…a magic combination

We have put up our basecamp in the newly opened Lefay Resort & Spa Dolomiti in Pinzolo (I), just a few km away from Madonna di Campiglio. Read more

Every day is special

The moments I live with SHER are real, graspable. They can contain a bold and adventurous experience, but at the same time, they don't require it. Read more

How to reduce the risk of saddle sore and infections

We know that approximately 50% of women suffer from different problems in their intimate area when cycling regularly. Read more

Perfect performance may depend on a perfect pad. Which one?

Reading time: 7 minutes Saddle sore, or the pain and inflammation of the intimate areas of women resulting from the position in the saddle, is a subject that is little talked about, yet half of all women who regularly ride bikes suffer from it. Now it’s time to put aside the shame, inhibition, and silence […] Read more

Product review from “Women Who Cycle” Australia For FRIZZANTE CORE bib and PURA jersey

Sara from Sher in Italy contacted me a couple of months ago to ask if I’d be interested in testing her new women’s cycling kit. Read more

SHER – first year of life

Before launching the SHER brand, I often compared it to giving birth. There is the time of the pregnancy, everything is so exciting, so new, so motivating and you can’t wait for the baby to be born. Read more

It all started like this… Introducing Sara, designer.

Disegnare, ma soprattutto progettare ha costituito molta parte della mia vita, il disegno è sempre stato un rifugio. Read more

SHER’s sustainable journey continues

SHER's commitment to following an ethical and innovative path to reduce the waste of raw materials and environmental impact, does not stop. Read more

SHER on tour 2021

Along with our mission to make the best products for cycling women out there we know that it is key to be connected with our customers all the time and learn what their challenges and their dreams are. Read more

Starting road cycling is easier than you think!

If you always thought that road cycling is not for you, I believe it is worth at least a trial. Read more

The sustainable SHER journey

One of our goals is to save resources by designing our products in a sustainable way from the beginning. Read more

What a hard core cyclists think about SHER

We care really a lot about what our customers and ambassadors think about our products, and especially where they believe we have to improve. Read more

Preparing for the season and bike fitting

During the live talk on 7 February with sports scientist Stephan Nuesser, we discussed how best to prepare for the cycling season and how to reduce the risk of injury and saddle pain through proper bike fitting. Read more
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