What a hard core cyclists think about SHER

We care really a lot about what our customers and ambassadors think about our products, and especially where they believe we have to improve.

Nikky Alberts from the Netherlands, who defines herself as “Just crazy about cycling” has tested our kit. And she told us what she thinks about it.

“I’ve been fortunate to try out some of the products SHER has to offer. And for an upcoming brand I was positively surprised. The package they’d sent out contained a bibshort, legwarmers, a long sleeve jersey and a windproof jacket.

I also received a pair of long brushed winter tights without pad, but since I do not wear this type of products but only padded tights with suspenders, I have not really tested it.
As a trained cyclist this was a good opportunity to test the durably and the comfort of this garment.

The first thing that is notable is the design. You can really see they’ve put an effort in the looks and that the brand tries to think out of the box. All the different pieces fit together, making combining different kind of jerseys with a single bib possible. You don’t have to buy a complete set to have a matching outfit. The feel of the fabric is what you would expect, with great workmanship.

Not only the looks and feel is excellent, but they’ve really thought about how to make your life on the bike easier.

Their chamois is a innovative development with the integration of a copper thread, which according to SHER functions anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

The addition of a zipper at the back allows for a fast pee-break without removing the suspenders.

Great tip for the runners: the long sleeve jersey PIANETA is ideal for a run!

The brand just started out and I believe they are heading in the right direction.

Of course there are, in my opinion, some minor adjustments they can make in respect to functionality for cycling. For instance having back pockets on the windproof jacket Sublime, instead only at the front, or to offer a full zipper in the longsleeve Jerseys.

After a videoconference with the brand owner SARA, she insured me that they’re already developing a new line, which takes all these
adjustments into account.

To summarize it all: SHER is great designed, innovative brand, using high quality fabrics. My believes are that they’ll grow, by actively listening what we girls want, so they’ll further improve in the future. I’m really looking forward to what they will launch upcoming season!”


Wanna know what Nikky has been testing? These are the products:

Windproof Jacket SUBLIME in black

Bib short FORZA in ponderosa green

Long sleeve Jersey PIANETA in white

Tight warm PERFETTO in black

Legwarmer brushed IN GAMBA in black

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