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Women’s run Bressanone coloured in red by SHER

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At the Women’s run Brixen SHER coloured the run and event pomegranate red with a thousand T-shirts for the thousand women who ran in support of “All different All Women”, united against violence.

At the 11th Women’s run Brixen, which took place on Friday 1 September in Brixen, SHER wanted to give a uniform to all the women who took part in this valuable solidarity and also activism-filled event, to the cry “All different All Women”.

While valuing the uniqueness of each woman, we created with our jersey a true ‘team’ of sportswomen for a day, and perhaps forever.

We proudly united as many as a thousand women who, united by running, said no to violence against women.

An important message, ever more urgent, that we need to constantly remember and bring to mind by every possible means, even with symbolic and choral gestures, such as an ‘amateur’ marathon. A democratic and instinctive, primordial activity that belongs to each and every one of us, since we learn to take our first steps: running. The sport that par excellence belongs to each and every one of us.

With the Women’s run Brixen 2023, an incredible goal was achieved: 1000 women registered for a four-kilometre amateur run.

But the real goal was surpassed well before each of those 1,000 women passed it live, at the end of those 4 km run together, in the historic centre of Brixen, without any eagerness to win or excel, to make the best time, to surpass and excel.

The most important goal was to have obtained the participation of a thousand women spontaneously, quickly, enthusiastically, before the time to register had even run out. And they would sign up again and again, we are certain of it. A thousand women so different from each other, in terms of age, ethnicity, physical fitness, athletic training, beliefs and abilities came together for one purpose and for one day wore the same t-shirt.

The pomegranate red SHER t-shirt had the precious value of representing the ‘team’ t-shirt that becomes an icon, a symbol and a message. One thousand women, so different from each other, ran together in the same team, wearing a uniform that made them proud and shouted “Stop violence against women!”

“It was a celebration coloured pomegranate red! Fun, sport, unity and solidarity were in the spotlight during the 11th Women’s Run Brixen. 1000 women in pomegranate-red T-shirts ran four kilometres through the historic centre of Brixen – for a good cause.

We would like to sincerely thank all the participants! It was wonderful that you were present. We will see you again! See you soon!” The organising committee of the Women’s run Brixen expressed enthusiasm and deep thanks.

“Our thousand shirts not only had the task of creating ‘team’ spirit and an incredible red trail through the city, filling it with vibrancy and colour. They made an important contribution to donations for initiatives supporting women in situations of violence. SHER was created with the aim of supporting women. The Women’s run Brixen was an incredible opportunity to demonstrate how sport is a powerful means of unity and communication. Without necessarily being ‘athletes’. It reminded us that we can bring out the sporting spirit within each of us, with grit and a smile, not necessarily to compete. But to feel united and share a valuable message’ Sara Canali, Founder of SHER

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