Cycle into spring with the best outfit

Spring is just around the corner: the best season for your longer, challenging but also most rewarding bike rides.

Face the unpredictable weather of these days with our versatile, technical, and smart garments: discover their features to achieve maximum performance, and to not be caught unprepared!



Perfect fit, maximum performance

Crafted with the innovative sustainable ECONYL® recycled yarn fabric, PIANETA is the long-sleeved jersey that offers you an incredible fit and a feeling of exceptional softness.

The microfiber in contact with your skin ensures maximum breathability and the right warmth: the perfect solution for your outdoor training on days with variable temperatures.

Its contemporary design, with elegant contrasting details on cuffs and collar, allows for endless combinations and an always impeccable look.

When worn alone on warmer days, it is capable of protecting you from UV rays.


Design and performance without compromise

FRIZZANTE is the innovative and revolutionary bib shorts, developed and tested together with female cyclists.

Essential for making even the most challenging rides enjoyable, thanks to its intelligent design and fit tailored to a woman’s body: with FRIZZANTE, you can tackle your challenges in the saddle with style and safety, without compromise.

Its ergonomic design and the stretch fabric of the straps adapt to the length of your body, giving your legs an impeccable look, without constraints and the annoying “sausage” effect.

Our special cycling pad, the first on the market designed specifically for women, capable of preventing infections and inflammations in the intimate area, will make every training session enjoyable.


Freedom of movement, impeccable fit

Perfect allies for all your long bike rides, NUVOLA are the extra comfortable leggings in stretch fabric, compact and never transparent, providing high support.

NUVOLA fits perfectly over your bib shorts during the first phase of your warm-up on the bike.


Indispensable: the smart thermal vest

PLUTONE is the intelligent women’s vest, with a super feminine fit, made from a special high-tech fabric with incredible insulating properties, capable of keeping your body warm and always protected from the wind.

The high insulation and thermoregulation performance make PLUTONE suitable for all workouts, especially in this period of sudden changes.

The short sleeves make it an ally capable of protecting your shoulders like no one has ever done. And when you take it off, it becomes as small as a hip bag, easy and convenient to carry with you.

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